Ashland Distribution Company and Ashland Specialty Chemical Company are divisions of Ashland Inc. Ashland Distribution Company is the largest distributor of chemicals, plastics and fiber reinforcements in North America, a leading distributor of fine ingredients in North America, and a leading Pan-European distributor of plastics. Ashland Specialty Chemical Company is a leading, worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals serving industries including automotive, composites, foundry, merchant marine, paper, plastics, and semiconductors.


Technologies Used:
  • IIS 5.0
  • Active Server Pages w/ ADO
  • Javascript
  • Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
  • SAFileUp
  • HTML
  • CSS

  • Their Needs:

    Ashland Chemical Company wanted to modify their existing website to reflect the corporations reorganization into two separate but complementary companies. Their goal was to call attention to the individuality of each company, while still having the site act as an encompassing umbrella, which emphasized the synergy between each company's individual divisions; in addition, they wished to have the website recognize services and information not specific to a particular company.

    From an implementation point of view, Ashland required the ability for Ashland Chemical associates to easily maintain the site on their own through administration pages for dynamic content as well as through easily reproducible templates. A secondary objective was to keep as much of the existing functionality intact.

    Ashland needed to design and implement a hybrid website, which involved dynamic database driven pages as well as converted static pages into easily modifiable template pages. The templates and navigation were to be designed in such a way to emphasize the new corporate reorganization, while still emphasizing synergy throughout the site.

    Our Solution:

    Utilizing server side include files, IDDG was able to design and implemented a tightly compacted and highly modifiable website.

    Information surveyed from each groups within the Ashland Chemical Divisions was collected in order to learn and comprehend what each group's objectives and website's needs were. From there, the synergy framework and corporate identity was defined.

    Once aesthetics were defined, IDDG engineered a generic navigation and template and proceeded to convert Ashland's large amount of existing static content into the new format.

    Common elements were segmented off for reuse though the multi-level templates as well as through the dynamic scripts.

    The Results:

    An easily maintainable website which encompassed the re-organization of Ashland Chemical Company into Ashland Specialty Chemicals and Ashland Distribution.

    International Digital Design Group. 2001